Natural Adirondack HoneyAdirondack Honey

Our Adirondack Honey is the product of nature’s hardiest and most hardworking insect – the honeybee.  All natural wildflower honey  is composed of enzymes, vitamins, minerals, amino acids, fructose, water and glucose, perfect for baking and sweetening…even soothing sore throats!  Our sweet and natural honey is ideal for cooking – try our Pumpkin Honey Bread recipe!

Our wildflower honey comes in all shapes and sizes, all with the same great taste! Check out our unique containers of raw honey here:

3 reasons to order Uncle Pat’s Adirondack honey:

  1. Honey has natural anti-inflammatory effects and can help soothe coughs. It is possible that it can also reduce seasonal allergy symptoms.
  2. Honey is a natural unprocessed sugar and an excellent source of all-natural energy.
  3. Honey is a natural antibiotic that can act both internally and externally. It can even be used to treat wounds and burns

Oh, yeah, and and New York honey tastes great!