Uses for Maple CreamWhat is maple cream?  Maple Cream is a maple spread derived from pure maple syrup that is thick enough to spread on your toast, bagels, crackers, scones or sandwiches.  Maple cream lets you enjoy that maple deliciousness on more than just pancakes and waffles! It is thick enough to spread and use in recipes without thinning the finished product.

Uses for Maple Cream

Because our Adirondack Maple Cream is spreadable, it’s the perfect accompaniment for endless types of foods, from breakfast to dessert!  Here are 10 ways to use maple cream… just a few of the many ideas for incorporating this delicious maple product into your recipes!

  1. Serve with crackers and soft cheeses
  2. Mix into homemade whipped cream
  3. Mix with some Dijon mustard and use to coat a pork roast or chicken
  4. Delicious on muffins!
  5. Stir into oatmeal for a creamy, delicious flavor
  6. Over ice cream
  7. Frosting for cakes and breads
  8. Use as a filling in cream puffs, eclairs, or crepes.
  9. Dip for pretzels
  10. Glaze for carrots

For the best maple cream, only New York maple syrup will do!  Our 1 lb., 2 oz. jar is perfectly sized and priced so you can get one for you, and one for someone you really like!

How do you use maple cream?  We want to hear from you!