Facts About New York State Maple Syrup Grades

Customers at the Farm markets frequently ask about Maple Grades and if they can purchase Grade “B” Maple Syrup.  New maple syrup grades shown on this chart provided by the New York State Maple Producers Association highlight the changes in the grading system.

New maple syrup grades NY State

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Some producers argued that the label “Grade B” gave the product a sub-standard image. On our farm, most of our maple syrup is Dark and Very Dark. Every maple farm is different depending on the equipment used, heat generated, soil and rock formations. The farm elevation will also effect syrup grades, as well of the time of the year the harvest will take place.

Most of our Uncle Pat’s customers ask for the darker syrup grades.

The lighter grades are produced in the beginning of the season. We normally do not sell Golden & Delicate syrup made on the farm, because the lightest syrups make the best molded maple sugar and we sell a lot of molded maple sugar in the shape of maple leafs and blocks.

This past season the weather was right and we did make an abundance of light syrup, so we are selling light syrup when requested.

All maple syrup grades have the same density of natural sugar. In an earlier article we presented nutritional information about maple syrup.

The misinformation that Grade B or the darker syrups are minimally processed and therefore more nutrient dense is a fairy tale. All Maple Syrup is processed the same way, sap becomes syrup when the liquid heat is held at 7 degrees about the boiling temperature of water at that particular elevation.

I wish I could walk in the sugarhouse and say “I’m going to make Amber Rich Syrup today”; not predictable, too many variables. As earlier stated, maple color is affected by the species of maple tree, soil and rock formations, air temperature, and the condition of equipment as well as how long the sap is held at high temperature. The new maple syrup grades are definitely a little more accurate.

Have a great day and Maple On!

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