New York Maple wedding favorsOur New York maple wedding favors are produced on our farm in the Adirondack region, and provide a uniquely elegant to touch to any wedding or event!  But did you know that wedding favors have been a part of traditional wedding ceremonies for centuries in many, many cultures and countries? The giving of gifts to wedding guests began as a thank you from wealthy European hosts who wanted to show appreciation for guests who traveled long distances to celebrate nuptials.

Originally, elaborate wedding favors were one way that hosts displayed their wealth to guests. Fancy boxes known as “bonbonniere” were made of crystal, porcelain or gold and often were covered with jewels and contained sugar…a valuable commodity. (We offer even more valuable sweets…ask about our Maple Candy!)

Today, our maple wedding favors are symbolic gestures of gratitude for guests who share in the joy of bride and groom as they begin their new life together. Small but meaningful favors are one way in which the wedding couple demonstrate their thanks, and individualize their celebration.

New York Maple wedding favors from Uncle Pat’s General Store are a sweet and natural gift that will delight guests, and provide a lovely touch to your wedding tables. Our unique bottles, or “nips”, can be decorated and customized to complement your décor.

Contact Uncle Pat for more information on unique maple wedding favors and gifts, and make your wedding a treasured and unique event.